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What is Aerial Yoga? What does one do in Aerial Yoga?
Why do you do the exercises in a cloth during Aerial Yoga?
What should I look out for when buying an Aerial Yoga Hammock?
How can I hang up an Aerial Yoga Hammock safely, what do I have to pay attention to?
Where can I learn Aerial Yoga?
What exactly does one train with Aerial Yoga?
What positive effects does Aerial Yoga have?

What is Aerial Yoga? What does one do in Aerial Yoga?

There are almost countless types of yoga. Aerial Yoga is another one that can be incredibly appealing. In Aerial Yoga you practise yoga with the help of a cloth hanging from the ceiling.

The exercises - called "asanas" in yoga - are shifted into the air and you can experience a feeling of weightlessness paired with the childhood memory of swings. In addition to classical yoga exercises, which are shifted into the cloth here, you can also find elements from Pilates, strength exercises and even dance elements.

  • Aerial Yoga is a form of yoga that is practised with the help of a cloth hanging from the ceiling
  • A beautiful mixture of sport, swinging and relaxation.
  • Many yoga studios offer this option.
  • Aerial Yoga is suitable for beginners, advanced students and experts.
  • Imperial Yoga is also called Antigravity Yoga or Flying Yoga.

Why do you do the exercises in a cloth during Aerial Yoga?

It is well known that yoga is more than just the sequencing of certain exercises. Whatever resonates in yoga is the holistic approach (bringing body and mind into harmony). This holistic approach can be made more or less esoteric and each person will find his or her own style, that's for sure.

Aerial Yoga combines different aspects of wholeness through the use of the special cloth and creates a special blend. At the beginning it may seem a little strange to put yourself in a soft and rocking cloth, because with it you naturally lose and give up some "grip" and control.

  • The scarf helps with heavy exercises.
  • Gravity can even be seen here as a support for various exercises.
  • Balance exercises can be a little more challenging.
  • The spinal column is relieved.
  • Aerial Yoga helps you to control your own body weight better.
  • Weightless swinging can also release mental blockages.
  • Flying Yoga/ Aerial Yoga has a stress-reducing effect.
  • You can hide in the cloth like in a cocoon.

    What should I look out for when buying an Aerial Yoga Hammock?

    The length of the Aerial Yoga cloth to be chosen depends on your ceiling height. You are free to choose the colour, it doesn't matter, you just have to like it.

    As with our entire product range, we also pay attention to the highest quality of the Aerial Yoga cloths we offer. The yoga cloths can carry up to 172kg working load and are made of soft but still tearproof nylon. Despite their softness, the cloths are robust, but you should avoid jewellery, zips and other things that could cause the cloths to run during training.

    How can I hang up an Aerial Yoga Hammock safely, what do I have to pay attention to?

    The suspension possibilities depend on the planned location and are almost identical to the suspensions of the Aerial Silks. In fact, an Aerial Yoga cloth requires less space and, above all, does not require such high ceilings, so it may also be suitable for use at home. You can attach the cloth to one or two suspensions. It is also possible to hang the Aerial Yoga Cloth on beams or trusses or to mount a suspension in a concrete ceiling. In any case, the stability and suitability of the suspensions used must be ensured. 500kg load capacity should be guaranteed. Don't be frightened, nobody assumes that you weigh that much, but the movements in the cloth will release forces that can cause such a high load.

    mounting of the suspension point

    In any case, stable and special yoga cloth suspensions should be used, which are fixed to concrete ceilings with secure steel anchors. Here the same suspensions as for the Aerial Silks can be used. If the suspension is to be made on wooden beams, it is important to ensure that the wood has sufficient load-bearing capacity. The appropriate wood screws are also mandatory. The suspensions, which are suitable for all aerial acrobatics / aerial yoga sports, have a large distance between the mounting holes. This is important so that the strength of the concrete is not affected by too narrow a distance between the drill holes. Mounting on exposed beams is relatively uncomplicated due to the wrapping with a high-strength round sling. These special round slings can carry several tons and are therefore particularly safe. A carabiner with screw lock is then hooked into the end of the round sling, and the suspension point is ready. If you are unsure, read up in the category "Aerial Silks", here you will find important information, which applies analogously to Aerial Yoga.

    Where can I learn Aerial Yoga?

    Many yoga studios offer different types of yoga. Hatha and Vinyasha Yoga are perhaps familiar to you. Just recently many yoga studios have expanded their offer to include Aerial Yoga/Tuchyoga/Antigravity Yoga/Flying Yoga.

    A very good contact point for contacts is our dance school finder. Enter your postcode here and search for a studio near you.

    What exactly does one train with Aerial Yoga?

    Relaxation combined with training effects always sounds good to us. But beware: Aerial Yoga also trains your torso stability (back and abdomen) very well. This is always good for a healthy posture and a flat stomach. The hanging exercises allow your back to relax well, which can also help to relieve back problems.

    At the end of a yoga lesson you will usually also find a so-called final relaxation in the Aerial Yoga classes. Here, you lie down completely in the soft cloth, are wrapped in it and can relax completely.

    What positive effects does Aerial Yoga have?

    If you are still unsure whether you would like to go up in the air a little, we will summarize the positive effects of Aerial Yoga for you here:

      1. Length of the yoga cloths between 3,80 and 6m - width 2,80m
      2. Soft yet hard-wearing nylon
      3. work load up to 172 kg
      • Your blanket must be high enough so that the lower end of the cloth hangs at about hip height.
      • Aerial Yoga shawls are usually attached to 2 ceiling hooks, which must be firmly screwed to a load-bearing ceiling. At these 2 suspension points you can then attach your Aerial Yoga cloth to the ceiling mount with carabiners, round slings or safety chains, for example.
      • Use safe equipment to hang up your yoga Hammock.
      • The suspensions should be able to withstand a load of approx. 500kg.
      • Depending on the ceiling height, you can order the "short" cloth with a length of 3.80 m - for use with a ceiling height of up to 2,80 m
      • .
      • For ceiling heights above 2,80 m we recommend the purchase of the long Aerial Yoga cloth with 6m length
      1. Aerial Yoga trains trunk stability
      2. Aerial Yoga can reduce back problems
      3. Aerial Yoga has a balancing and relaxing effect
      4. Aerial Yoga has positive effects on the nervous and lymphatic system
      5. some exercises the cloth acts like a compress. This means that fascial training takes place at the same time.